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Indonesia is blessed with very high number of biodiversity, including the aquatic biodiversity. However, strenuous work is required to manage and maintain the aquatic biodiversity to keep sustain. Along with the effort to keep the resources sustain, the production as well as the value of the marine and fisheries products are also important. Indonesia, especially researchers, must work hard to continue to create various innovations to answer these problems. Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University, this year organize the 7th National Symposium and the 3rd International Symposium. The theme carried this year is “Strengthening Innovations for Aquatic Resource Management”.

Innovation and technology have a very important role especially in increasing the competitiveness of Indonesian fishery products at the global level. It also can contribute to increase the competitiveness of the Indonesian people going forward. We expect the encounter of many people from many institutions in this symposium not only resulting new concepts, but also building and strengthening the cooperation of various parties, in advancing Indonesia as a maritime country. It is for the realization of a sovereign, prosperous, just and respected nation of the world and sustainable development


Edhy Prabowo, S.E., M.M., M.B.A

Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries


Erik Teguh Primiantoro, S.Hut., MES

Direktur Pencegahan Dampak Lingkungan Kewilayahan dan Sektor

Cyr Couturier, B.Sc., M.Sc

Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

R. Dwi Susanto, Ph.D

University of Maryland, USA and ITB

Dr. Libby Swanepoel

University of the Sunshine Coast

Associate Professor Dr Marina Hassan

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Dr. Muzzneena Ahmad Mustapha

University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Ir. Rohani Ambo Rappe, M.Si

Hasanuddin University


Aquatic Biodiversity
Aquatic Ecology and Conservation
Marine and Fisheries Biotechnology
Sustainable Aquaculture
Sustainable fisheries
Fisheries Processing Technology and food Safety
Marine and Fisheries Socio-Economics and Culture
Marine Ecotourism
Marine and Fisheries Law and Development Policy
Marine and Fisheries Geographical Information System (GIS)
Maritime Technology
Natural Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation
Aquatic Pollution and Ecotoxicology
Marine and Fisheries Community Service and Food Security


Prof. Dr. Jamaluddin Jompa, M.Sc. (Scopus H-index: 24)
Prof. Dr. Akbar Tahir, M.Sc (Scopus H-index: 14)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Hilal Anshary, M.Sc. (Scopus H-index: 6)
Mukti Zainuddin, S.Pi., M.Sc., Ph.D. ( Scopus H-index: 7)
Dr. Ir. Luky Adrianto, M.Sc. (Scopus H-index: 8)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Rohani Ambo Rappe, M.Si. (Scopus H-index: 6)
Prof. Dr. Ir. Joko Santoso. M.Si.(Scopus H-index: 6)
Asmi Citra Malina, S.Pi., M.Agr.Sc., Ph.D.(Scopus H-index: 8)


Category Presenter Early Bird (Rp) Normal (Rp)
National General Rp. 350.000 Rp. 500.000
Student Rp. 250.000 Rp. 350.000
International Symposium General Rp. 500.000 Rp. 750.000
General + Proceedings (Scopus-Indexed) Rp. 2.500.000 Rp. 2.750.000
Student Rp. 250.000 Rp. 350.000
Student + Proceedings (Scopus-Indexed) Rp. 1.800.000 Rp. 2.000.000
*National + International Symposium General Rp. 700.000 Rp. 1.000.000
General + Proceedings (Scopus-Indexed) Rp. 2.700.000 Rp. 3.100.000
Student Rp. 400.000 Rp. 500.000
Student + Proceedings (Scopus-Indexed) Rp. 2.000.000 Rp. 2.150.000
Non Presenter Rp. 250.000 Rp. 300.000



March 14th2020
Abstract Submission Deadline

March 17th2020
Announcement of Accepted Abstract

April 2nd 2020
Early Bird Payment

May 15th 2020
Normal Payment

May 30th 2020
Fullpaper Submission Deadline




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